Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance


  • HAZ/NON-HAZ Tanks (AST & UST)

  • Vessels

  • Railcar

  • Pits, Sumps, Trenches


EAP Industries, Inc. offers a complete line of tank cleaning and confined space entry services. Our field crews are fully trained in confined space entry and rescue. We offer competitive prices for all your tank cleaning needs including petroleum, corrosive and chemical tanks.

High pressure on-site washing and line jetting are activities requiring specially trained personnel. We can offer you both a well trained crew and reliable equipment for all of your high pressure cleaning.


Additionally, we offer a full line of jetting equipment and provide all necessary equipment for the cleaning of any product line at your facility. 

Tank Cleaning

Hot & Cold Pressure Washing

Additional Services

  • Dehydrator Cleaning (Glycol & Dessicant Bead, Filter Change-Out)

  • Baghouse Cleaning

  • Abrasive Blasting