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About Us

EAP Industries, Inc. has provided comprehensive environmental and industrial services to energy exploration, production, utility and energy service companies since 2000.


We pride ourselves on setting the highest standard for our business practices, and accomplish it by employing a diverse, experienced and dedicated staff. Our strength is in our expertise, size, and drive to exceed our customers' expectatons.


Our customer service area includes Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, West Virginia and Maryland.


EAP Industries, Inc. is a member of the Alex E. Paris Contracting Company, in business since 1928, offering a full range of construction and industrial services.

Safety Training


Because compliance with applicable statutes, regulations, and ordinances throughout our daily operations is our main goal, EAP Industries, Inc. has safety and training programs in place exclusively for our employees. We strive to achieve the highest level of performance without compromising safety.


A variety of training and programs is offered for our management, technicians, and truck drivers to provide a safe and efficient work environment while minimizing risk on job sites.


Our driver training for enhanced safety on and off the road includes:


  • Shipping Papers

  • DOT Regulations

  • Drum Runs and Labeling

  • Permits

  • Placarding

  • Defensive Driving

  • On the Road Troubleshooting

  • Road Tests


Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response: 


  • (HAZWOPER) 40 hour training/refresher, CFR 29-1910.120 and EPA 165.5

  • Confined Space Training/Refresher, CFR 29-1910.146

  • Respiratory Protection and Fit Testing, CFR 29-1910.134 and CFR 29-1926

  • Hearing Conservation, CFR 29-1910.95 (g)

  • Lockout / Tagout, CFR 29-1910.147

  • Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE) Training, CFR 29-1910.132

  • Hazard Communication, CFR 29-1910.134 and CFR 29-1910.1200 (e)

  • Electrical Safety, CFR 29-1926

  • Fall Protection, CFR 29-1926.503 (k)


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